Week 10 - The Home Stretch!

Good afternoon! The last week has arrived...I can't believe it either!
Term 2 has been such a busy and productive time, the students have worked like troopers producing some amazing pieces of work! We are very proud of the learning habits they have developed and the maturity they are showing as we grow closer to Year 5. In saying this, it is time for a well-deserved break!
Father Ian and Mr Wilkie Farewell Mass- Tomorrow Father Tony Chiera will be celebrating Mass with us in the hall to wish Mr Wilkie and Fr Ian a happy farewell and retirement. The mass will begin at 1.30 pm and afterwards there will be an afternoon tea for the parents and parishioners to share together. It has been asked if families in Years Four to Six provide a plate for this afternoon tea and take it to the hall in the morning. We thank you for your support with this.
Pencil Cases Refill- At the end of this week we will be sending the student's pencil cases home to be restocked and organised…

Week 9 - Term 2

Good morning!

Welcome to Week 9!

What a wonderful day it was yesterday, the students were absolutely amazing and they all looked fantastic! They were a real credit to their families and their school yesterday with their reverent behaviour and participation...lots of proud tears leaking out of my eyes!

A HUGE thank you to the prayer buddies and their families for attending, we were very grateful for your support.

A huge thank you also, to the Year 3 parents for all their hard work in catering our morning tea. We will be sending an email to express our thanks to them today on behalf of ourselves and the Year 4 students and families.

Cross Country - This is scheduled for this Thursday 27th June beginning at 9am. The Year 1's will run first and then class by class. The carnival is expected to conclude by 11am...students are to wear their faction t-shirts and are to come ready to support their faction! All parents are welcome to attend...I would like to recommend a pair o…

Eucharist Week is Here!

Good morning parents,

Welcome to Eucharist Week. We are working hard and learning a lot about this special Sacrament as we get ready to receive it on Sunday.

Dress for Sunday - A reminder that all students receiving the Sacrament need to be dressed in their Sunday best. 
This means a white dress/skirt/blouse for the girls with appropriate footwear and a white button up shirt for the boys with dress pants. 
A reminder that no denim or skate shoes are to be worn.

Church Tour and Eucharist Rehearsals - We will be heading down to the church on Friday 21st June at 11.30am. This will mean unfortunately that the Year 4 students will not be able to participate in the Refugee Rice Lunch experience. We ask that as many students as possible make a gold coin donation in lieu of missing out on this important event.
The students will be taken on a tour through the church where they will learn more about the items found in the church, the symbols and rituals that occur during mass. They…

Week 7

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome to Week is nearly the end of term and I am sure you are starting to feel the warmth of the planned holidays. If I can please ask that you are mindful of your child's attendance leading up the holidays. We will be working right up until the last day.

We had an excellent excursion to Ngilgi Cave on Friday and our prayers were answered with perfect weather for planting...we only got slightly wet waiting to hop back on the bus to come back to school!

The students planted over 140 native plants around the shelter and cave area and were kept very busy indeed. The CATS Team and Andre were very impressed with the care and diligence shown by the students in making sure they handled the plants carefully and moved around the space respectfully.

We finished off with another great tour of the cave which the kids loved...particularly the OLC Tunnel of Doom! Thankfully no one got stuck and needed rescuing which was awesome!

A huge thank you to Tony Summers who j…

Week 6 - Term 2

Good morning parents,

Welcome to Week 6, it will be short, sweet and action packed!


Ngilgi Cave Excursion - This is on this Friday 7th June and we will go ahead rain, hail or shine! We will only cancel the day if there is a risk of thunderstorms. I have sent a more detailed email out a few moments ago which outlines the plans and necessary items for the day. Thank you to Tania Piaggi and Eliza Blakburn for volunteering to come and help us for the day - a big thank you to all the other parents that volunteered!

Eucharist Paperwork - A reminder that some Eucharist candidates still need to return their list of sacraments received, notice of intention to receive the wine and the $10. If you can please send these in as soon as possible, check with me if you are not sure!

We have been working really hard in the last few weeks. We have created some beautiful tree art pieces which helped us to learn about warm and cool colours. We have just started lookin…

Week 5 - Term 2 Update

Good morning parents,

Welcome to another fantastic week here in 4D...I hope that you enjoyed the Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round as much as I did. It provided a great talking point for us this morning during our reading comprehension strategy time in which we looked at a video discussing the Stolen Generation which will be a focus for us this week as we celebrate National Sorry Day today and Reconciliation Day tomorrow. 

This Friday we will be celebrating Mass as a whole school here in the Hall beginning at 9am and the students will be working on writing a prayer in line with the conversations that we are having about National Sorry and Reconciliation Day. We are all working on a whole school display to be put up at school showing our respect and empathy for those affected.

Change to Homework - Please note that we have moved part of the students spelling homework on to One Note. Your child will be asked complete their Words into a Sentence on their One Note but will…

Week 4

Good afternoon parents, Welcome to Week 4, a very big thank to those who were able to attend our commitment and family Mass on Saturday night, it was lovely to see the church filled with such a large number of students and their families. A particular thank you to all the prayer buddies that made a special effort to be there to support their classmates...the pizza sure went down a treat!
Our second group of pen licenses went out on Thursday. I am really pleased to see the children working hard and making sure that their book week is neat and reflecting care and effort around their learning.

Eucharist Slips and Money Just a reminder that we require those who are participating in the Eucharist to return all forms and money by the end of next week. An information slip, a wine intention slip and $10 in a labelled envelope are the items we require. Thank you to those who have already done this. Next week I will send out a reminder SMS to those who haven't sent them in.