Week 9 Online Learning

Good morning all, It really has been an interesting couple of weeks to say the very least but we are moving forward and trying hard to stay as positive as possible! I hope you've had a somewhat restful weekend? I've given in to my inner compulsion and cleaned the whole house top to bottom! As you can appreciate, it lasted about 7 minutes! I also used part of the day to get my own kids organised for the coming week, I got them to pull out and organise their books and we have stored them in a little trolley that is easy to pull out and put away at the end of each day...this is important for me so that I don't have to deal with mess but also it signals the end to the school day. During the uncertainty of the last couple of weeks I know there are feelings of stress and anxiety coupled with uncertainty over work situations and how on earth as parents we are going to make it all work?? The closure of school has also added a different kind of stress and pressure in asking for your s…

Week 8 Update

Good afternoon parents,

Welcome to Week 8 in say that the last couple of weeks have been strange is an understatement! In these uncertain times, I encourage you to do what feels right for you and your family.

I would like to say a massive thank you to those of you that have taken a moment to check in to see how I am travelling personally, it really means more than you know! I am so grateful to have the support of such a wonderful class and parent body.

For those that have chosen to keep your children home in the coming weeks, you will notice on your child's One Note a new Online Home Learning section has been added. In this section you will see that your child's work for this week has been uploaded. I have also put a message on Teams for your child with additional instructions.

I appreciate that many of you will also be juggling your own work as well as children at home, please be gentle with yourself and do the best that you can. I will be available via email and I will…

Week 7 Update

Good morning, 

Welcome to a new week in 4DEL...I hope that you enjoyed the rain that we were blessed with over the weekend. We were away camping and I found that it is very soothing to sleep when your tent is being carried away by a small river! 

I awoke to the sound of my husband digging what looked to be Roman style aqueducts to assist with the water that was pooling around us...I think I had a total of 4 hours sleep over the weekend and most of that was on the couch yesterday once we were home and unpacked!! But not to worry, we are back into it this week!

Stationery Check - If I can please ask you to check your child's stationery and top up any needed items. If possible, would you also send in a whiteboard marker with your child when you can. We are using these a lot at the moment and I am fast running out.

PAT Assessments - This week we will be finishing off our PAT Assessments. These are part of the OLC Assessment Schedule and gives us valuable information abo…

Welcome to Week 6

Good morning parents,

Welcome to another fantastic week here in 4DEL!

As you are aware we begin swimming lessons today, our lesson begins at 12.05 and goes for 50 minutes. We are on a pretty tight transportation schedule but I am confident by the end of the week we will be running like a well oiled machine.

A massive thank you to the families that attended our Year 4 Eucharist Commitment and Family Mass on Saturday night, it was really lovely to see all of you standing at the front of the church pledging your commitment to support your child during their preparations to receive this very special sacrament. 

Swimming Lessons - As mentioned, they begin today. Students are to wear their sports uniform including sneakers to and from school. We will give the students time to get changed after recess so on the particularly warm days they don't have to wear their rashies underneath their shirts.

If you can please make sure that your son is wearing his black school shorts ove…

Week 5 Check In

Good afternoon parents,

I hope this update finds you rested and relaxed after the long weekend? My family and I were lucky enough to head down to the fireworks on Sunday night (along with everyone else) and enjoyed the cool! My kids have not seen fireworks in real life before and I loved watching the joy on their faces!! 

Also loved having a bit of a jig to Mitch Baker and Dallas Royal...such good tunes! An amazing event held in our town and definitely one of the many joys of living in a small town.

A huge well done to all of our swimmers today. It is always a massive day and many can feel pushed right out of their comfort zone. I was so impressed by the kids willingness to keep going and much so I was even inspired to join in the staff V student race...I feel that the fact that we won was due solely to the Year 6 students taking it easy on us and that many of them had already swum multiple times that day! None the less, bragging rights are ours for this year!

I am s…

Week 4 Has Touched Down!

Good morning everyone,

Hope you're enjoying the humid weather...what hairstyle you ask! The weekend passed by in a blur of adulting and the thumping bass from the Hotter than Hell concert which I am pretty sure was being held in my backyard...!

I got the chance to check out the new Sonic movie...not bad! It was a lot of fun explaining to the 5 extra boys that the movie came after the video, I didn't feel old at all!

Eucharist Family Workshop - is on tomorrow night Tuesday 25th February beginning promptly at 5.30pm in the hall. All students that are receiving this sacrament are expected to attend with their parent/s. Prayer buddies do not need to attend.

Ash Wednesday Prayer Service - we will be coming together as a whole school on Wednesday, 26th February (10am) to celebrate Ash Wednesday with a prayer service that helps the students to focus their prayers and actions during Lent. 

During Lent we ask ourselves to pray for others, fast and participate in …

Week 3 Is Here!

Good morning parents,

Welcome to another busy week in 4DEL, I hope that you had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

Swimming Trials - Please be aware that these are happening tomorrow 18th February at the Geographe Leisure Centre in Bussselton. We will be hopping on the bus promptly at 9am.

We ask that you child wears their sport uniform - they are to come to school with their shoes and socks on. Please send a change of thongs...students are not to wear thongs to school.

Your child will need to have plenty of suncream already applied, a rashie (this is mandatory), goggles (if they wish) and a towel, as well as their water bottle, hat and a substantial recess.
School AGM - A reminder that all parents are encouraged to attend the school AGM on Wednesday night beginning at 7pm in the hall...Mr Lee is a stickler for time and assures us we will be out of there by 7.59pm! This is a great chance to hear what is happening in the school and to volunteer for any pos…