The End is Nigh!

Good afternoon 4DEL parents!What a weekend it has been! I am sure that you guys like me, have been finishing up the winter sport routines...After Friday night football for Tobes, I was super chuffed to watch my daughter's team win their hockey grand final yesterday! The endless round of wind ups loom this week but I am so grateful to all the coaches and managers that spend hours helping my kids to enjoy their sport!This week's blog comes from the comfort of my couch in front of the fire...jubilant after watching Benny Stratton kick his first goal in 10 years...a win for the Hawks means my house will be happy today!
REMINDERS - WEEK 10 Maths Assessment - Money - We will be finalising our unit looking at money with review sessions on Monday and Tuesday before our assessment on Wednesday 23rd September. Mission Markets - Are on this Thursday 24th September, can I ask you to please make sure that you have sent in your fun bag of chocolates and 1 bar by Tuesday at the very latest...…

Week 9 Has Arrived...The End of the Term is Near!

Good afternoon parents, Welcome to Week 9...I can't believe how quickly this term has flown by! I feel like it was Week 3 like 5 minutes ago!! The weather today has been glorious and I went full adult and changed sheets and weeded and all sorts...looking forward to more days like this!REMINDERS - WEEK 9 Congratulations to our award winner this week, Hudson has been working super hard and took home our award for his efforts this week...great work Huddy! Mission Markets - These will be on Thursday 24th September. This is always a fantastic day celebrating the feast day of Mary's assumption. We will be celebrating a whole school mass at 10am and then we will move to our market time in which students can participate in a variety of activities.The Year 4's will be hosting a Chocolate Toss stall...the aim of this game is  students can throw their coins to land on a bar of chocolate. It is always hugely popular and a great fundraiser!Please know that all staff are very mindful of …