Week 8 Update

Good morning parents,
Welcome to Week 8. It is shaping up to be another amazing week in Year 4 before we head off on a well earned break! REMINDERS – WEEK 8
Parent Help Needed – If you are able to help, we would love to have you on Monday and Tuesday mornings at 9am for 30 experience necessary!
Year 3 Reconciliation - Will be held this Wednesday 27th March at Our Lady of the Southern Cross beginning at 5.30pm

Harmony Day – Friday 29th March - I will be hosting a group in my room on this day that will be making Friendship Bracelets – I would love a couple of parent helpers to come in for this time to lend a hand. Please let me know if you are able to help!

I will need you from 9.30am to 11am. I would be grateful for any time that you can spend helping out!

We are also asking for all students in Year 4 to bring a plate for a shared morning tea for Friday 29th March.

We would like to girls to bring a plate of savoury food and boys to bring a plate of sweet food to share. If you are …

Week 7 Information

Good morning everyone, I hope your weekend has treated you well and the children have had a chance to rest and recover ready for the last week of the their swimming lessons.

SWIMMING LESSONS: A big thank you to you all for being so organised with the children's swimming needs last week, the sessions are going well and the feedback I am getting is all positive - let's bring it home this week!  
Just a reminder that there is NO canteen at all this week, due to the students being absent at the eating times.

Majority of the children have been very responsible with applying sunscreen before we leave using the class sunscreen that I distribute, however can you please ensure that you remind your child of how important it is to do this.

The students will be receiving their laptops to bring home today. The students will be having an information session with Mrs Janine Johnson and myself in library. In this session the students will find out the basics of …

Week 6 - Term 1

Good morning parents,
Welcome to Week 6, I can't believe the first term is almost over. It has gone so fast!! I hope that you stayed out of the rain on the weekend...I was lucky enough to go to Leeuwin to see Paul Kelly...amazing!

Swimming Lessons – Began without a hitch, thank you very much for making sure that your children had all that they needed…it was absolutely gorgeous down there today!

Parent Help Needed – I am looking for some help with our reading groups on a Monday and Tuesday at 9am beginning next week. I would need you for approximately 30 minutes. You would be there to provide supervision, reading and literacy support to a small group of students…no previous experience necessary! You would have a group leader and a very clear explanation of what the students need to do. I will put a roster up outside our class for the remainder of the term, if you are able to come in for any time, it would be greatly appreciated! I can not guarantee that you will be pl…

Homework Support

Good afternoon parents,

I have had a few parents approach me with some questions about this week's homework...they were a bit concerned that there seemed to be some concepts in there that their child did not know.

I would like to reassure you that this text will offer content that helps the students to revise previous learning as well as content that has not been taught as yet. Some students are ready to learn this new content or have seen some of it before. This is because the text has been put together for us, rather than us creating our own homework each week.

I had a great chat with the students about this this morning and we discussed how you (as parents), me (as their teacher) and they themselves could help to complete their homework each week. 

I have asked the students to work section by section and then attempt the questions that they feel most comfortable with. If they are finding a concept difficult they are to circle the question and keep moving. Once they have done all th…

Week 5 Has Arrived!

Good afternoon parents,
Welcome to another busy week in 4D. Thank you to those parents that were able to attend our Prayer Assembly last week...the students did a wonderful job and I was very proud. It can be really tough to stand up in front of the whole school to read...we set a very high bar for the classes to come!

Ash Wednesday Mass - We will be coming together tomorrow morning at 9am and once again the Year 4's are leading the whole school in our Mass. We would love to see you there if you can make it.

Those students that have reading parts still need a few more run throughs. Can you please check with your child if they have a reading and make sure that they practice it in front of you. We would like them to focus on speaking slowly and clearly and holding the microphone on their chin...pull out the hairbrush from that one and reminisce about dancing in front of the mirror!

Swimming Lessons - Our swimming lessons begin next week, please take the time to check t…

Week 4 Reminders

Good afternoon parents,
Welcome to another fantastic week in 4D. I would just like to say that the children are working so hard, they are following instructions beautifully and we are getting through a lot in each day...I hope they are sleeping as soundly as I am!

A big thank you to those parents that were able to attend our meeting last week. If your child has not yet given you their copy of the booklet, please let me know or come in and grab one. They are hanging in our Spare Notes section at the front of the room.

Swimming Carnival- Is on this Thursday 28th February! All parents are welcome to come and support if they can.
We ask that your child wears their bathers to school underneath their sports uniform to make life easier for them. They can wear thongs to school but they must bring their sneakers to put on after they return to school. They will need: Swimming bag - preferably not their school bagBathers & Rashie - please note that all children must wear a rashi…

Week 3 Update

Good afternoon parents,
I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful weekend and got to spend some part of it outside enjoying this beautiful weather!

Parent Information Evening - is on Tuesday 19th February beginning at 6.30pm in the Hall before moving over to Year 4R for a whole class session at 7pm...we expect that you will be at home on the couch with a cup of tea by 8pm!
If you are unable to attend this meeting, we understand...please send us an email to let us know and we will send home the relevant information with your child on Wednesday.
Swimming Trials - The Year 4's will be leaving school at 9am to attend our swimming trials at the GLC in Busselton on Tuesday 19th February.
We ask that your child wears their bathers to school underneath their sports uniform to make life easier for them. They can wear thongs to school but they must bring their sneakers to put on after they return to school. They will need: Swimming bag - preferably not their school bagBathers & Ra…